Senior Sous Chef – Luxury Hotel

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

You’ll be wondering what’s in it for you as the Senior Sous Chef…

  • Up to £45,000 per annum plus £6,000 service charge = up to £51,000 Package
  • Paid overtime over 40 hours
  • Working Wednesday to Sunday

This role is based in a breathtaking country house hotel set in the stunning Hertfordshire countryside. They are looking for a highly skilled and experienced Senior Sous Chef to assist the Executive Chef in running the kitchen to a high standard of excellence.

Based in the hotel’s newly opened restaurant, as Senior Sous Chef you will be creating a variety of spectacular Japanese/Asian-inspired dishes for 75 to 120 guests per night.

This is an exciting opportunity to explore your passion for Japanese and Asian cuisine and showcase your kitchen management skills as you work directly alongside the talented Executive Chef.

We appreciate that your CV may not be up to date. No problem, send me what you have to [email protected] or look me up on LinkedIn and send me a message there!


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